Nona Hatay

An internationally recognized artist, Nona Hatay is largely known for creating experimental photographs of legendary musicians including Tina Turner, James Brown, Frank Zappa, George Clinton, and most notably her iconic enhanced photo series of Jimi Hendrix. 

Nona's work has appeared in major cities around the world and published in books and magazines including The Masters of Rock and Rolling Stone. She's been honored at Hendrix festivals and exhibits in London, Paris, New York, and Seattle. She's also called on to curate and produce Jimi Hendrix events and exhibits in NYC and Western Massachusetts, where she resides.

Nona is currently inspired to make Art-to-Wear, using new technology to put her images on different fabrics and leather to create custom clothing designs for men and women. Her fashion has been exhibited at NYC's top art-to-wear gallery.



"Nona Hatay's artistic photographic abilities and concepts have opened a new frontier in the photography world. She is one of the best."   -- Glen Leonard, The Temptations


"Nona's photos of my son remind me of Jimi's music - extraordinary!"  -- Al Hendrix (Jimi's Father)


"Nona Hatay's talents and creativity are unique and exciting - her images of Jimi Hendrix are as all of us remember him and his music: original, colorful, explosive and extraordinary"  -- Hard Rock Cafe Intl


"Nona's evocatively tinted, explosive images transform garments into the plumage of an exotic species in full display, capturing the spirit of early Art to Wear, just so."  --  Julie Schafler Dale, Julie Artisan's Gallery